Süd-West-England Urlaub (EuroKom)

Am 13.01.2009 hatte ich meine EuroKom-Prüfung (Europäische Kommunikationsfähigkeit). Die EuroKom ist Teil der Abschlussprüfung im Fach Englisch, die an Realschulen in Baden-Württemberg in der 10. Klasse durchgeführt wird. Sie besteht unter anderem aus einer Präsentation. Als Thema für diese Präsentation habe ich meinen Urlaub in Süd-West-England im Mai 2008 gewählt. Hier zeige ich nun Bilder und Text.

My holiday in South-West England

I´m going to report about my holidays in Great Britain last year in May. My mother and I spent 10 days travelling through South-West England, which means through the counties Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

We went by plane to London and rented a car there for our tour. At first it was very difficult for my mum to drive on the left side, especially in the roundabouts, because this was completely strange to her. But after two days she had got used to it and it was no longer a problem.

On the map you can see our route, marked in orange. (London, where our tour started and ended is not on this map, it’s further to the East.) All in all we drove 1100 miles, which corresponds to about 1800 km. The orange numbers show the places we stayed for the night. We stayed at bed & breakfast houses, which we looked for every day in the evening. We were quite lucky with the weather. It was mostly sunny and warm, one day was foggy and one day it rained.

We took a lot of photos, altogether about 3000. By the way: Photography is a hobby of mine and one of my mothers´ too. The following photos represent some of the highlights of our journey.

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